Hunnjin Kevin Cullen

AWA Chairman Kevin Hunnjin Cullen's Martial Arts and Curriculum Vitae

kevin cullen


kevin cullen portraitKevin Cullen began his martial arts career and Goju studies in September,1973.

Shodan: N. Gosei Yamaguchi (Smith) 10-9-1983 - Cert has both N. Gosei and Gogen Yamaguchi's stamps

Sandan: Fremont Goju Kai 10-31-1987 promoted from Shodan to Sandan by Brad Smith Joins GKK (Yamakura) in 1988 -

Yondan: 11-6-1993 GKK

Godan:4-13-1996 GKK

Rokudan:1-12-2001 UMAS United Martial Arts Systems

Hachidan:2002 AWA (Sensei Cullen's Ateru Goju-Ryu Karate-Do is born). AWA raises rank and teaching credentials to match.

Judan/Sokeship/Grandmaster/Hanshi and Ateru Goju-Ryu Karate-Jutsu recognized as legitimate style by the following: 8-14-2004 ISC International Sokeship Council, 8-14-04 San Ryu Do Supreme Sokeship Council - GM Braff, 8-15-04 USMAA International - O Sensei Philip Porter, 8-18-04 KIKA/KBMA Sokeship Council Europe - GM Kacperski, 9-1-04 Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame Sokeship Council USA - Professor Guerra, 2-01-05 IMAA Iran GM Gholamreza Gholami, 4-2-05 WSCSO Germany, 5-2-05 UMAA Greece - GM Taxiarhis Karolis, 5-4-05 World Rank 10th Dan Soke KIKA/KBMA, 10-18-05 World Union of Sokes - Puerto Rico/International - O Sensei Carlos Diaz


Renshi Credentials: GKK 1997
Kyoshi Credentials: UMAS 2001
Hanshi Credentials: 2002-2004 Various Organizations.


SEI RYOKU ZEN YO KARATE - 10th Dan, Ambassador 10-18-05 from O Sensei Carlos Diaz

HARAKIRI SPECIAL FORCES PUERTO RICO - 10th Dan , Instructor 10-18-05 from O Sensei Carlos Diaz

A.M.I.D COMBAT SYSTEM 10 Dan Soko by founder Robert Rapue Ph.D Sept. 1, 2004 (Hon.)

INTERNATIONAL VALE TUDO ALLIANCE Luchador 3-1-05, Professor 9-9-05

SAN-RYU-DO SWORD SYSTEM 8th Dan San-Ryu-Do system 7-30-04 from Soke Braff, Certified Senior Instructor 8-15-04 from Soke Braff.

JUDO- Via Hanshi Toney Raven winter 2008 , 6th Dan

NIPPON YAWARA RYU AIKI JUJITSU RENMEI - 6th Dan 5-05 Germany, Grandmaster hon.


SAMURAI JU JITSU ASSOCIATON INTERNATIONAL 3rd Dan, Certified International Instructor 5-20-05 from All Japan Seibukan Martial Arts and Way - Frank Newton & Siegfried Boedeker


SAMURAI JUJITSU AIKI SOCIETY - 3rd Dan from Kamishinkai International

JU JITSU USJA Ni-Dan, Level 2 Rank Examiner 1998

- Member of 1994-1995 University of Findlay “Roughneck” Wrestling team at 177 pound weight class. 1995 NAIA National Champions
- Huunjin has coached many great middle school and high school wrestlers including 8 Ohio high school wrestlers who became State Champions, of which eventually won state 3 times and the NCAA Div. I Title.

- Nicknamed “Crushmaster K” Position - Loose Forward
- Findlay Area Rugby Team 1990 (played A side 6 seasons)


  • Board member Sanryudo Supreme Sokeship council (Director Goju-Ryu)
  • Board member UMAS (Member of the Nine)
  • Board member Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame (Director Goju Karate)
  • Board member Nihon To-Jitsu Karate-Do Kai (Martial Arts Advisor Ateru Goju-Ryu )
  • Board member K.I.K.A. / K.B.M.A
  • Board member WSCWO
  • Board Member IMAA
  • Board Member UMAA
  • Board Member USBA
  • Board Member WBA


- “Man of the Year”
Universal Martial Arts (Hall of Fame 2004)

- "Shihan of the Year"
Universal Martial Arts (Hall of Fame 2005)

- "Outstanding Contribution to the Martial Arts"
World Karate Union (2005)


The World Jnana Sadhak Society (A Silent World Fellowship of Culture),Hon. Dr. Bhabes Cjamdra Chaudhuri,Ph.D (Wisdom & Unity founder),Dr. Albert Schweitzer Bharat Ratna ( General Legion of Honour. Maharitivk) and Dr. Albert Einstein (member) grants the below Honour to Huunjin.

K. J. Huunjin Cullen -Outstanding Humanitarian Award

“For his outstanding, unselfish life time dedication to the Martial Arts and for those students who have benefited so greatly through his humanitarian efforts." – Awarded on Sept, 1st 2004 (by Life Member of the above mentioned society and “Jnana Ratna” Dr. Robert R. Rapue Ph.D).


  • BA in Communications and Marketing (Outstanding Senior in the field of Communications - 4.0 grade point average, writing award, photography award)
  • BA in Japanese Language and Culture (OSCI winner - 3.75 grade point average)
  • Combined grade point for above two degrees 3.95 Summa Cum Laude
  • MBA in Leadership and Organization (top 5% of class)
  • Past professor of Economics and Operations Management
  • Represented the State of Ohio in a sister state exchange program based in Japan and worked with the state of Saitama Japan to improve the continuing exchange process between the two states.
  • Keynote Speaker on Culture and Business at the prestigious Ohio Business Week. He has international experience in manufacturing operations & management (automotive & cosmetics)