Master Chris Benavides


Master Chris Benavides


Master Chris Benavides is a real deal, old school type of samurai warrior. He is a doer as well as a teacher.

  • 6th Dan Jujitsu.
  • 5th Dan Goju-Ryu Karate
  • Founder of Benavides Vale Tudo.
  • Trainer to the Chicago Guardian Angels.
  • National Director for the Arnold Classic.
  • Trainer for U.F.C. and Pancrase Tournaments

This Marine has been involved and active in the pro fight scene for the last 13 years in the US and Mexico and has been responsible for the full contact success of many high profile UFC, Pancrase, MMA, NHB and Vale Tudo fighters both male and female. His seminars are top notch and partakers always leave satisfied.

International Martial Art Instructor

  1. Began training with Jay T. Will in Kenpo Karate.
  2. Began training in Shotokan Karate with Keith Barrett.
  3. Began competing in competitions including winds at Bluegrass Nat, Ohio State, Bud Grand Nat, Battle of Atlanta, with over 100 first place wins in Kumite in a two year period.
  4. Joined United States Marine Corps.
  5. Joined Marine Corps Karate Team at Cherry Point.master-chris-benavides
  6. Fought First kickboxing smoker, final record: 8-3.
  7. Began jujitsu training under Marcus Senior.
  8. Began Akido training under Carol Appel.
  9. Became trainer for Chicago Guardian Angels.
  10. Began Goju Ryu traning under Mike Wayne.
  11. Opened White Tiger Karate School in Bellefontaine, OH.
  12. Pro-wrested as the "Sensei" in Lucha Libra style.
  13. Opened Niwa Dojo in Urbana, OH.
  14. Trained first fight from Ohio in the U.F.C #6.
  15. Signed 3 year contract to fight NHB(cage fights) final record 3-1 agent Phillis Lee.
  16. Opened school in South Texas - became Judo coach at MMA in Texas.
  17. Opened 2 schools in Mexico, also pro-wrestled in Mexican AAA league.
  18. Started TALON FIGHT GEAR.
  19. Rewrote federal curriculum to include ground fighting.
  20. Began promoting local NHB shows, including VALE TUDO MEXICO.
  21. Received "pioneer" award from Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
  22. Judge at "Arnold Classic" (jujitsu).
  23. Began judging and co-promoting hook-n-shoot, shooto and ADDCC.
  24. Provided executive protection for various entertainers, musicians and celebs.
  25. Received "Soke" title for Benavides style of VALE TUDO.
  26. Promoted to Godan in Goju-Ryu Karatedo.
  27. Named National Director of Jujitsu at "Arnold Classic".