Soke Carl J Davis


AWA Director of Pangai Noon


  1. Ohio Black Belt Hall of Fame
  2. Lifetime Achievement Award
  3. Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  4. Who's Who in Executives and Businesses
  5. Third Degree Black Belt - Dai Yoshin-Ryu Aiki-Jo
  6. Fifth Degree Black Belt - Okinawan Kobudo
  7. First Degree Black Belt - Seiei-Kan Ju-Jutsu
  8. Fifth Degree Black Belt - Dai Yoshin-Ryu Aiki-Jutsu
  9. Fifth Degree Black Belt - Okinawan Toide
  10. Fifth Degree Black Belt - Yoshin-Ryu Aikido
  11. Eighth Degree Black Belt - Pangai-Noon Karate Jutsu
  12. First Degree Black Belt - Tomiki Aikido
  13. First Degree Black Belt - Korean Yudo


  • 1996 - Title Appointment to Hanshi (Grand Master)
  • 1992 - Kentucky Colonel - Given by Commonwealth of Kentucky by Governor Brereton C. Jones
  • Continuous Training 1960 to Present
  • Current Head Instructor and Owner of the USA Pangai-Noon Budo/Bugei Kai
  • Lifetime Charter Member of the Okinawan Kobudo Association
  • Certified Judge in Ju-Jitsu
  • Certified Judge in Karate
  • USA Representative of Hino Ryu Pangai-Noon Karate Jutsu