Master Jason David Frank


Director of AWA Youth Division

Master Jason D. Franks Training and History


Trained with Red Dragon Karate from the Age of 4yrs old to 23yrs old Master Frank achieved his 4th degree Black Belt and Owned and Operated 2 Red Dragon Karate Schools from 1990-1994.

Shihan Louis Casamassa 10th degree Black Belt

Shi-han Sensei Louis Casamassa, a 10th degree black belt is Grand Master of Red Dragon Karate and founder of the American Karate Kung Fu Federation (A.K.K.F.). He originated the American Form style. During the 60's he traveled extensively throughout the Orient studying many different styles of martial arts. In keeping with yankee ingenuity and American tradition he took the best 7 major martial arts forms and combined them into one new powerful and effective style which is known as the Red Dragon style of martial arts.

Shihan Chris Casamassa: President/ CEO

Chris is a 7th degree Black Belt who has been involved with Red Dragon for over 30 years. His father Louis D. Casamassa is the founder and creator of the Red Dragon style of martial arts. Chris is the President of the Red Dragon studios in Southern California. He trains and helps certify instructors for staff and management at all Red Dragon Karate locations. With his quick sense of humor and well honed Martial Art skills he weaves an exciting web of learning and motivating for all students.

jason franks

"Dr. Tommy Oliver" from the Power Rangers Series


Shi-Han Casamassa can be seen in the films Mortal Kombat (as Scorpion) Batman & Robin, Blade, and the new action adventure " Sci-fighter". A few of his top students include Sensei Roland Osborne from Red Dragon Covina, star of a hip new show on the Discovery channel " Go Warrior" and 3 time World Champion Sensei Deanna Bivins from Red Dragon Claremont.

Sensei Mondo Reyes Red Dragon Karate

Mr. Steve Fisher at Steve Fisher Karate Inglewood Los Angeles California

1994- 2005

1994-2004:Booked one of the Biggest Children’s TV show Ever “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” Worldwide owned by the Fox Network. 2004 Filmed Power Rangers Dinothunder as his role as Tommy the Black Ranger “Formally the Green Ranger, White Ranger, Red Zeo Ranger and Red Turbo Ranger” Now Airs 2004 and 2005

Master Rick Herbster Rising Sun Karate East Coast

Master Dan Magnus “World Champion Kick boxer” 8th degree Black Belt

Shawn Sho-Gun Cambell- Boxing New Zealand

Coach Stan Ward- Boxing

Ronnie Baliki- Some Privates on J.K.D out of Danny inosantos Karate school “Bruce Lees Student”

Steve Tarani- Training Some Privates on Knife Techinques

Majid Raees- American Thai boxing Benny the Jet Center

Currently Training with Master Rick Herbster and Stan Ward , Majid Raees

Kyoshi Jason David Frank; Achieved his 6th degree black belt in 1998 Tom Rivers New Jersey under Master Rick Herbster.

Master Jason Frank was featured on the September 2004 issue of Black Belt Magazine Worldwide.

  • Master Jason Frank is the West Coast Chairmen for R.S.K.A Corp.
  • Founder of Toso Kune Do Karate combinding 11 different styles of Martial Arts shoto-kan, aikido, American karate, boxing, kickboxing, judo, gunting, wado-ryu, jeet kune do, combat-karate, including Kobudo translation (weapons), nunchakus, double Nunchakus, Bo Staff, Samurai Sword, Tonfas, Kamas Cane ,Karambit, Sais.
  • NASKA rated competitor 1988-1990.
  • 1990 Grand Champion title in the Las Vegas Winter Nationals.
  • World wide trained by Shawn "Sho-Gun" Cambell from Auckland New Zealand

Currently training and operating karate schools with Master Rick Herberster. Please see bio below.

Kyoshi Rick Herbster is a seventh degree Black Belt and founder of Rising Sun Karate Academy east coast. He has been actively involved in the martial arts for over 35 years. His outstanding career has included numerous awards, certificates and proclamations from community leaders, political officials, charitable organizations and fellow martial arts Masters.

Kyoshi Rick Herbster is currently the director and Master Instructor of a beautiful school in Toms River, New Jersey. In addition to his many students he has written articles that have been published in Black Belt Magazine. Two of his Black Belt students have won the prestigious New Jersey Governors Cup Award from the NJ Garden State Games. Only one New Jersey Martial Artist per year is eligible for this award.

Affiliated with Grandmaster Isaac Henry Beikoku- Karate-Do

Hall of Fame Awards

  • 1990- Grand Champion Las Vegas Winter Nationals
  • 1994- Hall of Fame Award by the American Karate Kung Fu Federation
  • 2000- Fasted Growing Karate School “Fast Track Award”
  • 2000 Rising Sun Karate Program Director Award by the E.F.C
  • 2003 Master of the Year Award by the World Karate Federation by President Master Frank Tasetano.
  • 2004- Master of the Year for freestyle Martial Arts Award Hall of Fame by USA Marital Arts by Dr. Jim Thomas 10th degree Black Belt.
  • 2000-2005- One of Americans Top 10 Karate Schools in the World by President Nick Cokines Educational Funding Company.
  • 2004- Cover of Black Belt Magazine.

Immediate Family

Soul Mate Tammie C. Frank “Trainee Black Belt”
Jenna Rae my daughter and Shayla My Wifes Daughter

My Message to all of you young students and competitors:

Many people go through life searching for happiness. I am absolutely certain that martial arts is a key to that success. All we have to do is turn the key and unlock the door. In other words, unlock your mind, unlock your heart and discover martial arts vast treasures of unlimited potential to create positive change.

Martial Arts is my way of life! Martial Arts is a way of life for my entire family we live, breathe, eat andsleep martial arts. I will continue to impact and empower as many peoples lives as I can during my lifetime.Hopefully to enlighten the mainstream, general public and society to have martial arts as their way of life.As martial artist, I know we can make a difference during these challenging times in our society and world.