Gary N. Berry



Gary has over 35 years as an instructor he has taught to many federal, state, county, local, law enforcement agencies and numerous private security agencies and private companies.

Gary has consulted and testified as an expert witness on behalf of law enforcement officers and their departments in the area of use of force and covert operations. He recently attended a meeting with other federal law enforcement agencies in Washington, DC and New Orleans, LA. to assist in the development of a multi agency undercover course.

Gary has developed a course named “Street Simulation Tactics Course” for the civilian population. That is a spin off of the course Gary developed in May of 2000 for Auditors that were employed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Inspector General for Audit. The course was designed as an awareness course for the safety of auditors, to be aware of their surroundings and how to approach persons, places, and things in a safe manner.

Instructor Qualifications

  1. Senior Instructor Trainer for Department of Treasury Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco , Ga. 1987-1993 certified to develop and instruct unarmed defensive tactics, close quarter combat, extendable baton, PR-24 baton, handcuffing, vehicle stops and extractions, crime scene investigations, fingerprint classifications, safety and survival, drug identification, sequential drug testing, undercover operations. Trained over 5000 federal officers.
  2. Supervisor/Instructor Trainer at the Peace Officers Training Academy, London,Ohio 1981-1987 still a active and certified to instruct to basic and advanced state, county and local officers in defensive unarmed tactics, batons, defensive driving, Ohio liquor laws, vice, drug identification, undercover operations. Trained over 5000 state, county and local law enforcement officers.
  3. Currently assigned on a Presidential Cabinet Member’s protection team, with duties to provide protection as a lead, site, shift, agent.

Other Certifications

  1. Tactical Entry Operations Instructor Trainer- certified U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Quantico, Va.
  2. Extendable Baton and PR-24 standard and extendable baton-certified Instructor/Trainer Monadnock Lifetime Products, Fitzwilliam, NH
  3. Siminition Supervisor/Trainer- certified Siminition, Avon, Ct.
  4. Close Quarter Combat Instructor/Trainer- certified Metropolitan Police Self-Defense Institute Institute, Chicago Heights, Il.
  5. Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Spray Instructor/Trainer- certified Law Enforcement Concepts Inc., San Diego, Ca. Dayton, Ohio
  6. Executive Protection Instructor/Trainer- certified by various agencies State of Ohio, U.S. Secret Service, FBI, U.S. Marshals, Tactical Awareness Group Inc. Columbus, Ohio
  7. Tactical Simulation Instructor/Trainer certified by Tactical Awareness Group Inc. Columbus, Ohio
  8. 6th Degree Black Belt Shorin –Ryu Karate
  9. 2nd Degree Black Belt Hakyu- Ryu Jui Jitsu
  10. 1st degree Black Belt Kodokan Judo