O Sensei Carlos Diaz


Director of AWA Puerto Rico - O Sensei Carlos Diaz (PhD / MA)

O’Sensei Carlos Diaz has been involved with the Martial Arts for over 35 years. He is the Founder and Chief Instructor of Sei Ryoku Zen Yo Karate, Inc. He is also President and Founder International Association of Karate-Kobudo of Puerto Rico.

He first came in contact with the Martial Arts when he joined the police force 1960. Judo was taught as part of their training as police officers. Carlos continued t until 1966 when he became fascinated with karate and joined a local Shotokan Dojo, plus taking Kobudo classes on his spare time. Besides practicing Garyu Rico-Do Karate with Sensei Rodriguez he later joined Yoshukai Karate-Do where he remained until the summer of 1981, which time he decided to move on and form his own organization. He was a 3rd Degree Black Belt of Yoshukal Karate-Do when he founded Sei Ryoku Zen Yo Karate in January 1982.

Returning to his roots he incorporated much of the Shotokan basic and advanced Katas, but composed all of the intermediate and kobudo forms, which are unique.

Not long after forming Sei Ryoku Zen Yo, Carlos contacts Grand Patriarch Peter Urban Father of U.S.A. Goju to ask him for his support in the quest he has taken on. Peter Urban having approved his petition promoted Carlos Diaz to 5th Degree Black Belt.

In 1986 Peter Urban decided to take residence in Puerto Rico, this offered him the opportunity to have a closer relationship with Sei Ryoku Zen Yo Karate and based on the accomplishment of Carlos Diaz in the Martial Arts, Urban awarded him the rank of 10th degree Black Belt and Founder of his own System.

Since then Sei Ryoku Zen Yo Karate has received many awards and recognitions, Grandmaster Carlos Diaz has continued to be active in many associations and organizations working to better the Martial Arts locally and internationally. In 1998 Grand Master Diaz was voted as the “World Karate & Kobudo Legend of the Year" by the, World Martial Arts League’s Hall of Fame.