Master Nick Nixon

  • Master Nick Nixon began studying International Kajukenbo in 1988 and is currently a Godan. He is a musician/songwriter. He plays the drums and guitar. In 1983 he had a internationally acclaimed album, Still Life, with Alan Ginsberg.
  • From 1985-90 he was owner/CEO of ABC Bail Bonds, which he built to be Colorado?s largest bonding company. He was owner/CEO/Publisher of Amazing Sports Publication from 1989-93.
  • In 1990 he was inducted into the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame.
  • From 1993-94 he was a Sales Coordinator for Neoplan USA Corporation and a host of a 1 hour per week radio show, KQXI "Collector's Corner".
  • From 1993-96 he was an extra on several Perry Mason movies and 1 Dick Van Dyke movie as well as a model for JF Images. He was Executive Director of Sales & Marketing for Gas-O-Haul from 1994-95.
  • In 2002 he received CCMA Band of the Year and a CCMS 2nd place finish in songwriting. He is currently owner/CEO of High Level International (marketing & consulting firm), owner/CEO of Nick Nixon Real Estate and Director of Marketing for Advanced Concrete Innovations.He belonged to the following organizations:
    • Colorado Professional Bail Bonding Association (1985-90)
    • Colorado Press Association(1990-93)
    • Automotive Parts & Accessories Association (1994-99)
    • Prowers County Historical Society (VP/1997-99) and (Pres/1999-01).
  • He has had publications in "I Collect Magazine", "CU"(world's 1st scented comic book), "UNLV"(1st college sports comic book), "The New Orleans Saints", and "The Denver Broncos"world's 1st team sports comic book).