Master/Kyoshi Christopher J Cullen


Master Cullen currently teaches at and is director of Green Springs Center for Martial Arts LLC. He is also a founding/board member of United Martial Arts Systems , N.W. Ohio Director Ateru Worldwide Association and member of the G.K.K.

Martial Arts History and Qualifications

  • Began formal training 1977 ( 10kyu- 1 kyu )- Goju Kai Karate Do U.S.A / Gosei Yamaguchi at Fremont Ohio affiliate dojo-Sensei Brad Smith –director
  • Shodan-1988- Fremont Goju-Ryu Karate Do/ Brad Smith- Chairman
  • Nidan-1990-Goju-Ryu Karate Do Kyokai (G.K.K.)/ Motoo Yamakura-Chairman / Fremont Goju-ryu Karate Do dojo.
  • Started affiliate school-1991
  • Established Green Springs Goju-Ryu Karate Do-1992
  • Sandan Goju-Ryu-1993- G.K.K.
  • Nidan/Ju -Jitsu- 1995-United States Judo Association( U.S.J.A.) Ju Jitsu Division/ Phillip S. Porter President/ at affiliate G.K.K. school –Sensei Rich Stamper
  • Yondan Goju-Ryu-1996- G.K.K.
  • Level 2 Ju Jitsu examiner-1998-U.S.J.A.
  • Godan Goju-ryu-1999-G.K.K.
  • Renshi Credentials/Goju-Ryu-2000-G.K.K.
  • Established Green Springs Center for Martial Ats L.L.C.-2002
  • Founding member/United Martial Arts Systems( U.M.A.S.)-2002
  • Renshi Credentials/ Ateru Goju-Ryu Karate Do-2004-Ateru Worldwide Association(A.W.A.)/Grandmaster Huunjin Kevin Cullen, founder.
  • Rokudan Goju-Ryu –2004-U.M.A.S.
  • Kyoshi Credentials/ Goju-Ryu-2004-U.M.A.S.
  • Recognized as N.W. Ohio Director/ Ateru Worldwide Association-2005- A.W.A