Master Bob Brewer

  • Born May 12th 1959, Texas
    Awarded Shodan in 1975 in Kaju Bujutsu Kwai / Advance Method In Defense.
  • Trained with and certified through Rokydan 2004 in K.B.K. / A.M.I.D. by Soke Dr. Robert R. Rapue PhD. 10th Dan & Dr. Brown PhD.
  • Shichidan from the Sokeship of England UK, Brotherhood of Martial Arts Soke David Kacperski and Soke Bill Dixon
  • The Title Nidai Soke for Kaju Bujutsu Kwai Martial Art's,for Texas, New Mexico, Colorado. (Advance Method In Defense (A.M.I.D.) is the Parent system of the Kaju Bujutsu Kwai System, Founder By Soke Dr. Rapue PhD.
  • Started The FREE Karate Program for the Boys & Girls Club of America 1995-2001 Winning (3) State Karate
    Champions, (1) National Champion, over (60), 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Win's in the last (3) years of Program at Top A Rated "A.O.K" Karate Tournaments 1998-2001.
  • Awarded Sensei of the Year (4) years in a Row 1995-1999.
  • Member & Awarded Rank of Shichidan Signed 1/1/ 2005 USA, in Mix Martial Arts (M.M.A.) By Tang Shou Society U.K.
  • Member of the Brotherhood of Martial Artist, Member of KIKA / KBMA, Grandmaster David Kacpersky 10th Dan World
  • Awarded Sokeship to Nidai Soke Bob Brewer with the Title Soke, 2005 from KIKA/KBMA
  • Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Inductee 2003 (Master of the Year K.B.K./A.M.I.D.) From Prof. S. Guerra.10th Dan.
  • U.M.A.H.o.F. Texas State Rep, 2004 Appointed By President and Founder, Professor Silverio Guerra PhD. M/A.10th Dan
  • Nidai Soke, Kaju Bujutsu Kwai (Karate Jujitsu Society). Passed Own from G/M Dr. Brown and Soke Dr. Robert Rapue PhD.Soke and Headmaster Of The Universal Mixed Martial Arts Association, and The American Martial Arts Academy (1969)
  • Awarded Sword Of the Ring previously owned by GM Rapue (Grandmaster Soke Dr. Rapue's Tai-Chi Sword) Passed Down from G/M/ Kwan Zen from Burma 1960.
  • Guardian's of AMID/KBK (The Ring of (7) Brother's in the Martial Art's) of Soke Dr. Rapue, (The Rapue Clan) Students that are in and were there at the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame with Soke Dr. Rapue in Florida July 2004, Master Hysmith, Master Dr. Nixon, Master Brewer, Master Roth, Master Malic, Master Shark, Master Jewel.
  • Ateru Worldwide Association School Charter # 2001, Soke Kevin Huunjin Cullen 10th Dan A.W.A.
  • A.W.A. Associate Life Membership # 55016, Soke Kevin Huunjin Cullen 10th Dan,President Ateru Worldwide Association.
  • Godan 5th degree Black Belt in Ateru Goju-Ryu Karate-Do (Honorarium), Soke Kevin Huunjin Cullen 10th Dan. (Founder/ President A.W.A.)
  • Ateru Worldwide Association Board of Directors Certificate and Patch for Texas Region, Sent and Appointed by Soke Kevin Huunjin Cullen President / Founder of the Ateru Worldwide Association, 2005.
  • Guardian of Tang Shou, Awarded as the Guardians as"True Warrior's" in the Martial Arts From Soke Bill Dixon President / Founder Of the Liverpool Tang Shou Society School of Champions in England U.K. K.B.K / A.M.I.D Master Weapons Instructor in 12 Weapons of the Martial Arts,Certificated by Soke Dr. Robert R. Rapue PhD. Pioneer of Martial Arts and in the Original Martial Arts Encyclopedia (Tradition-History-Pioneers) John Corcoran,Emil Farkas with Stuart Sobel, Pro Action Publishing Los Angeles, CA. Also through Century Martial Arts Supply.