Dr. Robert Rapue

Grandmaster. Robert R. Rapue

Robert Rapue
Huunjin and Robert Rapue, Ph.D

My dear friend and warrior brother Dr. Robert R. Rapue has passed away. He is an inspiration to all martial artists, a true pioneer and gentleman. I consider myself blessed to have been called his friend and confidant. He will always remain an esteemed member of this board of directors.

Martial Arts Training - Awards & certifications

  1. Commenced Martial Arts Training.
  2. Awarded Black Belt Certification from Shrinryu Federation; Shimabuku Sensei; Okinawa.
  3. Awarded Black Belt Certification from Seishin-kwai, Siyoho Kuniba Sensei, Karate, Osaka, Japan.
  4. Awarded Second Degree Black; Kuigi Kuwai; Tanaka Sensei, San Franciso, California; Karate.
  5. Awarded Black Belt from Kodokan, Risei Kano, Sensei; Tokyo, Japan. Kesha), Akio Yamanura, President.
  6. Awarded Master's Certification; Tsu Lin Kenpo and Chuan-fa from Tsu' Lin Chin, International Chairman, Singapore.


    Dr.Rapue in earliar days, Singapore.

  7. Awarded Chief Instructor's Certification and ranked 5th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo, Karate, Jujitsu, & Judo from Kajukenbo International Self Defense Institute; Professor Emperado Founder, and Kawakame, Chairman of the Board,Hawaii.
  8. Certificate of Commission as Major, Texas Detective Agency. Certified as chief martial arts instructor & Assistant Director to the forensics department
  9. Awarded Grandmaster's Certification for the Western United States; Red Dragon Society, Chuan-fa, International Grandmaster, Dr.Kwan Zan, Burma.
  10. Awarded Certificate of recognition from Paul de Thouars, Pendekar, Pentjak Silat Serak, stating: "the System of Chuan-fa, Kung-fu (Tiger Crane), as taught by Sifu Dr. Robert Rapue is a legitimate Martial Arts System."

    three grandmasters pose

    Three Grandmaster's pose: Dr.Woo (L), Dr. Rapue, Mr. Yakamura(R).

  11. Awarded Grand Master's Certification from the International Ku Lun Pai (Kung-Tao) Association, Gradnmaster Wellem de Thouars, International Chairman.
    Dr. Rapue with Nephew David (5th Dan, A.M.I.D.)

    - Grandmaster Robert Rapue has studies the essence of martial arts through the world for more than 50 years. There were three primary mentors whom the grandmaster gives special recognition:
    1. General Roy James Brown, the American Head of the French Underground Resistance movement during WW2.
    2. Toro Takamatsu, past president of the American Judo Black Belt Federation.
    3. Andriano Emperado, founder of the Kajukenbo Association.

Grandmaster Rapue's Martial Arts Training

special trainees
Dr.Rapue (Center) with special trainees
Excerpt from the encyclopedia of martial arts.
  • In 1961, Grandmaster Rapue, Donald Burkhart, Ph.D (the head of the C.U. Physics department in Boulder, Colorado) submitted an unsolicited proposal to the government. The purpose and objective was to enhance existing martial arts combat techniques currently used by the military and special forces and establish validity and reliability to those techniques used during combat situations. Leading Experts to major styles of karate & gung-fu, judo, ju-jitsu, etc. were consulted
  • Techniques were analized and chosen for their validity and reliability to practical combat application. Then in a laboratory setting, the AMID system was designed and submitted to the government for review. This program was under the supervision of General Brown, Dr. Burkhart, and Grandmaster Rapue for incorporating these advanced techniques for the use of the martial arts into the miliarties needs.
  • Grandmaster Rapue is recognized in the encyclopedia of martial arts as being one of the early pioneers to introduce karate and kung-fu training in Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico.