Professor Christopher Gabriel Francis


Director of AWA Trinidad & Caribbean Eduational Liason.


1963 – 1966 La Fillette R. C. School, Trinidad, West Indies
1967 – 1972 Fatima R.C. School, Curepe, Trinidad, West Indies
1973 – 1980 Chadee’s College, Curepe, Trinidad, West Indies 5 O Levels, 4 A Levels, London
1981 – 1983 Research Studies on Psychology and Sociology at Andrews University.
1995 – 1997 Buffalo University, New York – Research Studies – Adolescent Psychology and Organization Psychology
1990 – 1996 North American University of Martial Arts and Behavioral Science – Martial Arts History and Management and Organizational Psychology – Obtained Status Grand Mastership/Professor Soke Ph, D /M.A.
1998 National Nursing Training Program – 5 month program to present London University – Economics (Correspondence School)


August 1979- 1981 S. S. Hosein Furniture (American Stores) Junior Supervisor Sea Lots, Trinidad, West Indies.
1982 – 1984 Trident Security Company Limited – Acting Sergeant.
1993 – 1995 Ministry of Works and Transport – Estate Police Department Sergeant responsible for U.R.P. Head Office on Queen & Edward Streets, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies.
1995-1996 Konan Estate Police – Inspector responsible for day-to-day running of the company.
1996 to Present Director of the Caribbean University of Martial Arts, Caribbean Inter-School Martial Arts Youth Training Programme in connection with the Ministries of Education and the Ministries of Sport. Working in partnership with the Ministries of Education School Intervention Strategies Unit.



RANK: 10th Dan Black Belt Kana-Ju-Jitsu-Ryu (founder)

  • 7th Dan Black Belt Kikai-do
  • 5th Dan Black Belt Aki-kai-jui-jitsu
  • 5th Dan Black belt in Aike ju-jitsu
  • 4th Dan Black Belt in Shotto-kai Karate
  • 4th Dan Black Belt in Judo
  • 4th Dan Black Belt in Taekwon-do-Soo- Mookwon
  • 3rd Dan Black Belt in Japanese/Okinawan (kubo-do)
  • 2nd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido
  • 2nd Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing (Muay-Tai)
  • Third Level Black Sash Wing Chun & Tai-Chi-Chuan (Kung-Fu)


  • Forty one (41) years practical experience
  • Black Hawks Martial Arts Association Management Network – Director
  • Caribbean University of Martial Arts – Director
  • Black Hawks Martial Arts Examination Council – Director
  • National Inter-School Martial Arts Youth Training Programme – Caribbean Director
  • North American University of Martial Arts and Behavioral Science – Caribbean Advisor
  • International Referees and Judges Association – Caribbean Director
  • North American Martial Arts Association – Caribbean Director
  • Caribbean Alliance Martial Arts Ratings – Caribbean Director
  • Caribbean Referees Martial Arts Association – Director
  • The Brotherhood of Martial Arts of Trinidad and Tobago – Director
  • National Kick Boxing Association – Chief Advisor
  • Battle of Atlanta World Martial Arts Championship – Caribbean Promoter
  • Pan American International Kempo Karate Championships – Caribbean Promoter