Soke Robert Braff


Grandmaster Robert N. Braff, PhD in MA, MS and Asian Studies; Soke of San-Ryu-Do10th Dan

Professor Braff started his Martial Arts career in August of 1967 under the tutilage of Grandmaster Frank F. Kovacs at the Mayfield Academy of Self-Defense. During his 5 years at the academy (ending in 1972), he took part in many demonstrations and shows.

In 1973 until 1975, Professor Braff took up Tae-Kwon-Do under Master Kim. During his studies Prof. Braff went to his first international tournament and earned his brown belt in that system.

In the years 1976-1978, the Professor decided to try Okinawan Karate under Prof. Moore where he earned his Shodan and competed well in more tournaments.

During the period of 1978-1983 Professor Braff was in Washington D.C. attending American University. While he studied there he studied a hodge-podge of styles including Judo, Aki-Jiu-Jitsu, Iaido, Kendo, and Free-Style Isshin-Ryu. He aquired lower-Dan rankings in most of these styles. It was during this time that the base of San-Ryu-Do was being formed in the mind of the Professor.

In 1984, Prof. Braff opened the Sahara School of Isshin-Ryu with his partner C. Harten, GoDan. They would later add Bill Hayes, 8th Dan Isshin-Ryu, to the partnership. In 1995, Prof. Braff earned his NiDan in Isshin-Ryu.

In 1992, Prof. Braff went back to the Mayfield Academy of Self-Defense to teach. There he earned his ShoDan in 1995 and his teaching certification in 1996 for the style of Minna Jiu-Jitsu.

San-Ryu-Do was made an official system, recognised by TWMAHOF (November 7, 2002), WCOAA (July 18, 2003), USMAA (July 18, 2003), and NCMA (July 18, 2003). Nov 1, 2003 saw the genesis of the International San-Ryu-Do Federation.

Dr. Braff has been inducted into several Hall of Fames, TWMAHOF (April, 2003), USMAA (July, 2003), Action Martial Arts Magazine (January, 2004), World Karate Union (June, 2003), USMAA (July 2004).

Dr. Braff took 1st Place at the 2003 NA Championships Grand Masters Division. The Professor coached the US Team to a strong showing at the 2004 World Cup and represented ActionFlex Padded Weapons at the Action Martial Arts Magazine Trade Show in 2004.

Dr. Braff is the acting weapons director for the Arnold Battle of Columbus and a US National Team Coach for WCOAA.